JESUS REFUSES WINE (The Fourth Cup & Lamb of God)

So Jesus is scourged and beaten beyond recognition, and He’s forced to carry His cross up the hill of Golgotha. While He’s carrying His cross up the hill to the place of the Skull, the soldier’s offer Him wine drugged with myrrh. Now He is carrying His cross right now. He’s not on the cross; He’s carrying His cross. He stops, and He falls. At this point they come over and someone offers Him, “wine drugged with myrrh.” (Mark 15:23) But it’s recorded here that He didn’t take it. He told them He would not drink again of the fruit of the vine until He drank it in the kingdom. If somebody records that a person does not drink something, it’s important. It’s recorded and we’re reading it 2000 years later that He didn’t drink this wine. Yeah, it’s important. Because when He finally drinks the wine on the cross, it’s going to emphasize the significance even more. 

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